Maybelline Foundation ($5-$7)


Okay, I will be honest. I don’t wear foundation anymore. I haven’t worn it for almost 1 1/2 years. BUT, that being said, when I DID wear foundation, I wore Maybelline Fit Me. Now, let me explain a little bit about my skin type before I go too deep into the product review:

    Tone: I am a Pakistani girl, so I have a slight natural tan. I am a NW25 in MAC foundations.  

    Texture: I have VERY dry skin, and I mean VERY! I get dry, flaky patches all over if I don’t moisturize RIGHT after washing or even slightly wetting my face. My skin is so dry, anything other than straight up OIL is not enough. I’ll talk about my experience with oil in a later post. 

     Acne: I don’t usually break out with FULL blown acne. I get spots here and there. If I take care of my skin, then I’ll be fine. 

Now on to the product:

Presentation: (4/5)

I give it this much because I wish it had a PUMP! I only needed a little when I used this, and it always dispensed way too much. Other than that, the bottle is glass and not too heavy, but not flimsy either. I looks like an expensive product while sitting on your vanity, so that’s a plus. 

Coverage (3/5):

For someone with skin like mine, this is perfect. It covers up the minor acne spots, and is a dewy foundation, which helps with the dry skin. It can be built up to a high medium, and won’t look cakey. One coat gives good light-medium coverage, and a second with take it to a solid medium or highter. I do recommend going over it with a powder in the T-zone. 

Lasting Power (4/5):

Of course these are all relative to your own skin tone, but for my dry skin it lasted as much as I needed it to. I wouldn’t know how long it lasted TOTAL, because I always wash my face when I get home, and never wear makeup for more than a couple hours. It doesn’t fade off in random areas, so that’s a plus. 

Shade Range (5/5):

What I love about the entire Fit Me collection is that it has a great color range. There are cool, warm, and neutral colors, that go from PALE to DARK. I myself wear 125. Everyone can find their color.


Overall I give this product a 9/10, and recommend it whole heartedly.

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